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The Human Condition

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The much anticipated follow up to Roots, The Human Condition infuses an indie rock sound with edgy guitars, progressive synth & piano production with the same lyrical substance that have become her trademark. The album is available in both CD (full cover art, lyrics and credits) as well as digital formats.

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About Janie

With the release of The Human Condition, Janie’s previous career as a songwriter and musician transformed from promotion as an independent artist to one that worked with non-profits to combat anti-slavery, domestic violence and the commercial and sexual exploitation of children. Using her talents as a performing songwriter, recording artist, producer, and speaker, music from The Human Condition became a tool with a message. Propelled by concert events, social media, tailored campaigns and a supportive community that worked together as a team, together they were able to further areas of advocacy as well as bring healing to former victims. This resulted in Janie’s 3rd album project, a collaboration with IVCF and Price of Life NYC called Exposing Darkness released in 2013 for Restore NYC, Nomi Network and World Vision. The compilation of various like-minded artists for charity was also promoted with a multi-city U.S. tour to raise awareness for various other organizations.

In the years that have followed, Janie has left anti-trafficking advocacy in the very capable hands of an established infrastructure for each city she has worked with. While transitioning to a highly specialized niche market in business, she now has time to focus on family along with nurturing the new business.

Janie continues her role as CEO of the small record label that hosts or supports all 3 of the above mentioned albums. She looks forward to returning to music on an executive level.

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